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Suffering from tax burdens in the Columbus, Dublin or Chillicothe, OH area? If you have unpaid, unfiled or other tax problems, reach out to Cook, Sladoje & Wittenberg right away. We're dedicated to helping individuals and business owners resolve their unpaid federal, state and city tax issues quickly and efficiently.

Failing to file your taxes can result in costly fines, the inability to carry over investment losses, and even jail time. When your tax concerns get out of hand, turn to a tax law attorney for help. The attorneys at Cook, Sladoje & Wittenberg will do whatever it takes to reduce or resolve your tax problems. Call today for legal assistance with:

•Unfiled tax returns
•Tax debt settlements
•Tax penalties
•Income tax issues
•Estate and gift tax disputes
•Property tax concerns

Don't face harsh penalties due to unfiled taxes. Seek legal support and guidance at Cook, Sladoje & Wittenberg right now. Call our office to schedule your consultation.